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We will thank the BMUG coaches for teaching us this powerful tool, it helped us to agree on one united way of running our business... Read more - - Morten Punnerud, Founder ProblemSolver
I really appreciated using BMC for its sheer simplicity, and for the ability to be able to rearrange and pivot our business plan.... read more - Eirin Waade, Founder Made & Found
We put the business model canvas on the wall and brainstormed with post-it notes. A lot of ideas appeared. Having the canvas on the wall was very useful for communicating about the business model within the team... Read more - Arne Jenssen, Web Developer
The students at the BMUG workshop came up with ideas that I had not thought of... Read more - Marius Fredriksen, Co-founder Politiappen
We really received a different perspective from both three new business models, and got some really good ideas... read more - Máté Wolmuth – Founder Joinect