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We will thank the BMUG coaches for teaching us this powerful tool, it helped us to agree on one united way of running our business... Read more - - Morten Punnerud, Founder ProblemSolver
Business Model User Group was an event that let us see problems connected to our concept... Read More - Snorre Paulsen – Project leader of Velg Bedre
We got new ideas around business models,  feedback regarding the feasibility of the whole project... read more - Arne Jenssen – Co-Founder iLocating
Business Model User Group - BMUG helped us in composing the business canvas, in which we had little experience. BMUG saw many elements in the canvas that we hadn’t think about, making it much richer than it was and gave us useful advices... read more - Dr. Anne Burtey – Founder Hypotes
A workshop with Business Model User Group -BMUG might be the most valuable time and money spent on your company. I know for sure they have helped us save years... read more

  - Andreas Ursin Hellebust, Producer and founder, Oslofilm AS